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Let's talk about naturally and realistically maximizing
the health and condition and attractiveness of
the aging body. I am a health professional
who believes in practices to achieve the normal
maximization of the mature body - best practices
for the normal, well motivated guy to do on a regular
basis to that end. I'm thinking weight, condition,
nutrition, function, attractiveness, spirit. I'm not talking
about out-of-reach goals for the average but
motivated guy. Most of is are not able or willing
to spend 15 hours a week in the gym, or to never
have a French fry or piece of pie again. Moderation,
a reasonable amount of discipline and a greater
than usual amount of dedication can accomplish
this. And as everything else in life it's about the
process, the journey. And it can be easier and
more with the support of other like minded
Thanks for reading, and let's connect.

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