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I'd like to hear suggestions and create a discussion about how to get more participation in this group.

What is it that the members are looking for on this site?

What would bring members... practitioners, clients and those looking for exchange, to come here once a day or 3 - 4 times a week to check out what is new, or to somehow participate in the discussions here?

What kind of feasible incentive would make it interesting enough to check out the site frequently?

Is the site too confusing? Are the possibilities too many and it is hard to decide how to participate?

Is it too difficult to find someone locally? Is asking everyone to post a profile picture asking too much?

Add any other feedback topic that you want... OPEN DISCUSSION for all (just don't use this discussion topic for advertising).

Thanks, Floyd

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The biggest request I am getting is that guys want to find someone nearby.  How do we advertise and get more guys to join us here? I'm sure we all know guys who would like to be a part of an open community like this. The more active guys we have on here, the more benefit this site will have. So let's all invite our co-workers, friends, etc to join us here.

You need groups by city name to make it easier to find who is available nearby.  I want to go to San Antonio and see who is listed as available there, for instance.  I don't want to wade through postings from Ft. Lauderdale, Omaha, Lancaster, etc., to see if anyone from San Antonio has joined and/or is available. 

When you click on the members tab, it brings up the search box in the middle of the page and there you can put in a city name and search by a city.. or state.. or any keyword. Give that a try and see what it brings up.

When I put San Antonio in the search box, 4 guys come up. Plus I'm down in the Seguin area frequently and maybe we can arrange a group exchange there in the area some time.

Keep me in mind when you are in Seguin.  I am in the Medical Center area of San Antonio.  You can come to me or I can come to you.  Also, your idea of a group get-together would be fine with me.  However, I am traveling away from San Antonio right now and will not be back in town until Sept. 21.  So mark your calendar.


I'm interested in this.  Although I am not hopeful since this post is more than 2 years old.  I'd love to participate in a group massage exchange.

Email me at if you get this and want to set something up


Hi, thanks for responding, "Petris". It looks like there are a few guys in San Antonio who are looking for an exchange. The first thing to find is a venue. Are any of you able to host an exchange event (maybe 2 - 4 guys attending?). Then come up with a convenient time to do it and then advertise it. If I'm down in the area, I'd be happy to participate, but by all means don't wait on me. Let us know your thoughts. 

Connections made - 

I'd love to hear from any of you who have attempted to make a connection with someone else on this site for either a paid massage or an exchange/trade. Both if you were the one who initiated the contact or the one who someone else attempted to contact. 

Did it result in a face-to-face meeting and massage? Positive experience? Not-so-good? Why or why not? Please don't mention names publicly, but just the experience.

Other than finding someone locally what is the biggest strength in this site and the profiles and what is the biggest weakness? As someone looking to connect, what additional info do you wish was in everyone's profile?

Just left messages for a couple of guys here in Houston....hope to hear back from is looking for a massage the other I would like to set up a session with him for myself.
There is another that has a phone number so I will call him up set up a session with him.
Will let you know how it goes....
Any guys in Houston reading these comments....I would like to find a good massage therapist need of a massage...

The answer is quite simple.


Most guys couldn't give a damn - and as long as it is quick and easy sex - like from Grinder or even gaydar,  it is of little interest.  The attention span lasts about as long as it does to get an erection and then the mind goes blank.  Unless it affects them personally, many show absolutely no interest in Iraq or Afghanistan - the environment - inflation - the price of petrol or gas - the state of the nation - politics - or even the price of beans in Tesco unless they love eating tons of beans. The vast majority of people have dire APATHY these days and show little interest in anything that does not personally affect their own small world of family, friends the next shag and maybe their job - ( or benefits ) . 
Many will then bitch and moan at those who do show a passion for politics etc. and who stand up to help make change and while these apathetical people want change and complain all the time because no one is doing anything - they will then bitch and destroy the very people WHO ARE showing an interest and WHO ARE willing to put themselves out in front of the public to help bring about change, and will be destroyed by the very people who scream for that change.

There is tons of jealousy, resentment and envy within many on the gay scene and they enjoy shoveling it at those who do have a passion to make change and this negative ' half empty' aspect of many, destroys a great deal of good work almost before it even gets off the ground.  Speak to any gay business owner who deals with the public on a face to face basis and  many will be sick of it within 5 years - as this seems to be the magic time when many gay venues either close - or change hands - as people become worn down by the negative and condescending attitude of fucked up gay men who want nothing but to destroy the good work of others - and why ??? because it was the good work of others and not themselves. 

Same with sites like this. I can guarantee there will be a percentage of people on this site who are so negative minded it beggars belief. I can guarantee there will always be a few gobby queens destroying, bitching, finding fault and complaining about a great deal while actually offering nothing positive as input at all,   and these negative guys think they are helping when all they are doing is destroying.

If this sounds too negative, just realize I have been working in the gay community for 40 years and it has never been easy and the warnings of others have always been proven true.
Those of us with a passion to help and make a community would be the first ones in Big Brother to be evicted. We would be the first of the ' I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out Of here' to leave the jungle and we are the first to be oput on the bonfire and butchered by those who fear our opinions, or gumption and our passion.
Sad, but all to often, true.

I think this negative way of looking at things is one of the problems in the world at large today. If we could, especially through TOUCH, help change the attitudes to one of optimism and positive thought, we would solve half the problems of the world! If you come up with some ideas. please share them.

Apathy might be the reason for some.. or even for a lot of guys.

But.. for some it is lack of motivation or even not trusting and wanting to open up with others. The massage therapist occupation creates a lot of competition. The reality is that there are enough clients and guys who need and want a massage for everyone. But there is a lot of strife between therapists.. elitism... not wanting to share, etc. 

With this community, I hope that over time we can get over all that and learn to trust and share. We are all on this journey for a short time. Together we can make it a better experience.


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