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I'd like to hear suggestions and create a discussion about how to get more participation in this group.

What is it that the members are looking for on this site?

What would bring members... practitioners, clients and those looking for exchange, to come here once a day or 3 - 4 times a week to check out what is new, or to somehow participate in the discussions here?

What kind of feasible incentive would make it interesting enough to check out the site frequently?

Is the site too confusing? Are the possibilities too many and it is hard to decide how to participate?

Is it too difficult to find someone locally? Is asking everyone to post a profile picture asking too much?

Add any other feedback topic that you want... OPEN DISCUSSION for all (just don't use this discussion topic for advertising).

Thanks, Floyd

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I thought apathy WAS  a lack of motivation...

A lot of massage therapists, as you nicely call them,  are sex workers.  Hookers. prostitutes. Rent Boys - call them what you ,like - the simply truth is that the very word MASSAGE has hidden meaning for many - and it usually means having a ' HAPPY ENDING.' - and therefore the masseur is in the sex industry - call it what you will.    Many Masseurs will deny and fight against this kind of label and will dress up their service behind nice massage rooms with soft towels etc and all the right certificates on the wall and there will always be a few genuine therapists - but out of 100 masseurs - the large proportion will be offering ' other services'  and ESPECIALLY if the client is cute.

Assuming anything else is naive - After 25 years in the business - just check out the adverts on various web sites and magazines and see for yourself... if it is only a massage - why are both parties naked ????? 

I don't have a problem being included in the sex worker industry. I think the line are quite blurred there. For me the distinction is what the main focus of the session is all about. Is the practitioner using massage as a cover for a sexual rendezvous for pay with 3-5 minutes of massage and the rest of the session devoted to "sex". Or is the main focus on massage and healing via touch and during the session arousal and release is a part, but not the goal and focus. I don't mind either scenario, but I wish folks would be more honest about what they are offering or seeking. 

I know a lot of my clients are looking for that Happy Ending, but they also want a really good massage and want to feel worked over before they shoot their load at the end. For MY practice, I make it clear that the massage is the main focus of the session, but mutual touch and release and manual prostate manipulation is a normal  part of that if the client desires that. 

When doing tantric type of session, it is just more natural to have skin to skin. When fabric is involved, it hinders the tantric  connection... which is not the same as sex. 

Just like Tantra is a code word for many and everyone seems to have their own definition of it, massage is the same way. So I feel it is important for both the masseur and the client to be open and honest about setting expectations. If more communication was done, there would be fewer people upset with the massage they received or the unruly client they just had. 

Too many massage therapists don't take their jobs seriously. They are more than happy to "oblige" with clients they find attractive or have the hots for, but when the client is not someone they would pick up from the bars, they give a much different session. 

I agree, the chasm between sexual therapist- sexual healer  and sex worker are very blurred and many delude themselves that they are therapists when the truth is they are hookers - they just use spiritual healing music, light joss sticks and burn candles and set the stage for a more spiritual place to relax within and at the end of the day - two naked bodies together ending in ejaculation - is sex work...

I was the UK's longest established male masseur and saw tens of thousands of clients in the 20 years I was in business and I earned an absolute fortune by mixing spiritual healing with sex - be it massage with a happy ending,  to taking someone into my fully equipped dungeon where - maybe - they would get beaten or tied up or some other fantasy  - as well as a happy ending - and if their fantasy is being met, then great healing can take place.

Many delude themselves that they are legit and look down on prostitutes on the streets when all they are is slightly more ' up market' whores with a higher price, nicer venue and offer much the same thing by dressing it all up and making it look legit, when we all know the truth - AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH LEGIT SEX WORKERS as long as it is not manipulative or controlling - JUST LIKE ANY OTHER JOB -   and as sex work and the   illegal drug trade are included in the UK's GDP - and yet are supposedly illegal - it makes you stop and think.

I bought my hotel for cash and run it as a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE and all off the back of sex work - where I paid tax, had accountants and was completely legit - and now teach sexual healing and even how to be a better sex worker - at


When a guy gets a message here, do you you send a reminder to his personal email address?  That would help me remember to check my inbox

I believe that if someone writes on your wall, it sends you a message. I'll do that now and see if you get it. 

The best way is to use the "send message" feature under your profile picture to get an email to the address given when you signed up. 


It would be nice to be able to search members by location, such as city or state, or radius distance.

I am hoping that everyone IS searching for members in their areas. Just go to the MEMBERS tab above, and just below ALL MEMBERS is a search and an advanced search box.  There you can put in a city or state (try to spell it out as well as the two letter abbreviation) or any other keywords and you should be able to get a listing of the members who fit that criteria. This is why I keep stressing that everyone needs to make a complete profile, so that others can find them in a search. Let me know if you can't get it to work for you. 


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