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I'd like to start this by saying I've been a Masseur for about 15 years. I'm very successful and I love what I do. This is why I'm shocked about my recent experience trying to hiring a Masseur in San Francisco. It was my birthday last week and I wanted to get a good, relaxing, sensual massage.  I emailed about  8 masseurs in SF that I liked. The replies I got back were rude, unprofessional and disappointing. One guy, I wish I could post names, was nice to me first day I emailed him. I told him I wanted a massage the next day about 11:30 AM but asked him if I could confirm early in the morning. He replied "sounds good, I'll wait to here from you". The next day I text him a 9 AM to confirm. I didn't hear back from him. I waited until around 1030 AM and sent him another message saying I guess he not available and I had to make other plans. Finally around 12:15 he replied with a rude comment. It was " I need more then 20 minutes notice to book a massage, and that he doesn't get up until 12 noon". I replied back saying we had made tentative plans the day before and my first text message was at 9 AM not 20 mins before meeting him and if had told me he doesn't get up until 12 noon, even though his as says he starts at 11 am, I would have been more then happy to wait . I also mentioned it was my birthday and that I was in the same business. He replied back saying he didn't care about me and I was a C--t and to F..k off! I was floored by this comment. 

I had asked another masseur if he smoked. I told him I'm allergic to them and just wanted to be he didn't smoke. He replied back that he didn't smoke drugs and told me to send him my address. I replied back saying I need to confirm he didn't smoke cigs. and I'd send him my address when I heard back from him. He replied back the next day saying " You should have sent your address and As usual his potential client didn't read their emails" 

The last guy I tried to hire replied 2 days later. I had told him I had already made other plans and spent the money I put aside for a massage so I'd have to wait until I work and get some money saved up. I also asked if he gave discounts to other bodyworkers. His reply was " I'm insulted you'd think I have to give you a discount because you wasted your money on someone else and being a fellow Masseur I should have known how insulting that was". There were a bunch insulting, hateful text messages, emails and he tried calling me . When I didn't' pick up he sent more insulting text messages. He claimed if I called him on the phone he'd be able to convince me he was a nice guy and I'd hire him.  But I had to call him. 

I've heard about these horror stories from my clients and I always thought they were exaggerating or being misunderstood. Now I know they were true and why I'm so successful. 

I'll never look for another Masseur. I'll stick with swapping massages in my Massage club .

Good Luck to all of you Masseur's in SF!  

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HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY AND NO ONE SHOULD BE TREATED THIS WAY HOW AWFUL /SORRY you had to talk with these HORRIBLE jerks// EVERYONE DESERVES RESPECT/I am not a professional but would do my best as I would want to be treated and with RESPECT/ well take it as a learning lesson /I WOULD HAVE AND WILL GIVE YOU A BELATED RESPECTFUL BIRTHDAY MASSAGE,if and when we should meet--THE UNIVERSAL ENERGY GRANTING/ THANKYOU


Thanks Robert! Yeah, the whole thing was so weird. Masseurs in SF are so rude esp. to other Masseurs. I hear from my clients these horror stories on Masseurs they've talked to or hired. Now I know it's true. I think guys here think because they have big cocks and good body's that'll get them hired. Unfortunately it dose most of the time. Then when guys hire me they realize having massage skills along with the looks and everything else is much better. I'll never hire a Masseur again. I always here how slow they are and now I know why. Maybe I should start workshops on "How to be a good, successful Masseur".. 

I keep pretty busy here in SF. I'm always nice and professional to them no matter what they do. I'm only strict with them with they think I'm as escort and go too far. Or if they're rude to me which rarely happens 

Have to run! Have a great day!


Oh and happy birthday, cause it probably just passed, eventhough i see this ad was 3 years ago.

ill swap massage with you next time you are in SF and available HMU directly


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