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The work I'm doing is flourishing right now and YET I know many fellow Bodyworkers and Healers who are feeling really challenged. Our community really needs us right now to help it through these stressful times. I would just plant the seed I shared with a fellow "struggling" bodyworker there are men who are looking for what you uniquely bring!

Again thank you all for the work you do.

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I agree these are tough times, but everyone can overcome this recession by utlizing their resources and getting their name out there. Advertising and marketing is not left only for companies, they are required for individual professionals too. Go out there and get noticed on those slow massage days! You will see a difference.
I was a masseur / escort in London (UK) for around 20 years - FULL TIME - and even ran my own agency, and went from broke to a wealthy man in just a few years. I always said that my work was largely SOCIAL WORK and that HUGE amounts of what I did was listen, share, talk and show interest and compassion with many men who - sometimes - just wanted someone to hear their moans about being married / work -job troubles etc. Many MANY times clients would return and say how much I had helped them and how much better their lives were because of meeting me, and I have to admit, they are right.

Some people look down on masseurs and sex workers yet without them helping society sort out its sexual dysfunctions, society would be in a bigger mess than it currently is.

Many talk doen to us - assuming we are dumb twerps with no brains when the reverse is often the truth.

After 20 years i sold up and now own and run Europe's only gay mens retreat and have a ball doing a different sort of socisl work, that of the soul.
So i agree with Kirk - we are very much needed.
dear kirk, thank you for the encouragement, i have been working a long time as a solo practitioner and am now reaching out to others with my work--i recognize the gift it is to be able to share ecstatic touch! best to you in your work! kevin
Men! Great to be here, sharing our skills with the world. Unique gifts, unique community of men!
Yes, there are challenges out there, judgement & narrow mindedness but we just keep moving forward!
I look forward to updating my profile and sharing more thoughts, creating community … Awsome!!

LOOK AFTER YOUR HANDS - as after 2 decades actively giving massage - my hands have lost 50% of their strength and I have to be very careful all the time - otherwise I can have a bad pain above the thumbs and then it takes weeks to recover and I cannot even hold my tooth brush. n This is because of giving between 5 and 9 massages every single day for years and years.

I teach Sensuous Touch Massage in workshops now but have to take it easy so as not to hurt my hands.


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