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It seems that few who practice tantra know anything about the cock and balls and the tantric energies raised through the chakras within the cock.  No one seems to ever play / use the balls and these are powerful amplifyers of energy.

Does anyone understand this ?

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Then maybe you need to go to the Main Page and not interrupt a discussion on the Chakras of the Penis as it has absolutely nothing to do with the subject matter and is distracting.    Please - be a little thoughtful of others when you do this.

Yes, totally agree and have received this similar training through Body Electric in a program called Body Erotic.  Held here in Cleveland last year the second Sat and Sun of October and to be held here again--the very same workshop--Body Erotic.  It includes gay, bi, married, str8 men; just so that one wishes to learn how to massage a cock seven different ways.  Instructor teaches you; you then massage your own cock; then two sit like Indians and massage each other's cock; the second day--since there were 24--12 were massaged in the morning by four men and then switched to the afternoon.  When being massaged you do not know who it is as you have blindfolds on; only after the massage ends do you know.  Other than the seven ways to massage a cock; you can also include other forms of massage; asking of warm oil is alwas readily available.  Since there are floaters some times one might feel four hands massaging them.  If in learing the seven different ways to massage a cock if the person being massaged likes a way or several ways better than the rest just notify the person massaging you.  One is not to ejaculate; therefore, a lot of the time the man being massaged might have to ask you to back off for a while;  However, if one does ejaculate no big deal is made of it and no special attention is shown to that person at all other than making sure the male essence that was expelled was cleaned up.  Men from all over the mid-west participated in the workshop.

I know about Chakras of the cock and balls, cock massage is amazing. I learned years ago from Joe Kramer at Body Electric. Very much into all aspects of Tantric massage.


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