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Any bros in the DC area?

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Comment by Marlin J. Spellman on September 10, 2015 at 10:20pm

I will be attending the two day Body Electric workshop here in Cleveland, OH from Oct.  10-11.

Comment by Marlin J. Spellman on January 22, 2015 at 8:49pm

While I worked one summer at Easton Mountain Upstate New York northeast of Albany, they held all three workshops dealing with Body Electic. I do wish that I could have participated in the workshops myself, but being employed did not give me the opportunity to do so.  I really wish to be able to do that as soon as posssible.

Comment by JOHN BELLAMY on January 18, 2015 at 11:36am

I have been practicing intense sexuality and multiple full body - out of body - connections with the Divine - Within :- and the Light Body Without : - over the Bridge of Enlightenment :-  using Conscious Connected Breath and other body  techniques,-  for over 25 years.  I have never attended a class hosted by anyone - ever - and have channeled information and techniques direct from the Divine  for decades - and there are many who resist as unworthy, those who have not done a class or read a book - those who do not have a diploma - or who studied under some great master...  and assuming this to be unworthy ;- is unenlightened thought.  As who taught the Master - where did their wisdom's come from?

For me - the only true place to gain wisdom and knowledge was through the Divine Within and I have never seen the requirement - for me - to attend a class and study under a 'go between'  - brilliant as they may be. 

Naming something - Giving it a chant - a colour - an Om - limits it as soon as you do so.  Limiting the Divine is also unenlightened - although sometimes needed in order to allow the limited mind of man to comprehend and understand some of what is available.  Man cannot comprehend the magnitude of what is available unless it is limited and made small in colour,  with its own name, chant and Om.  Man's  tiny conscious mind cannot accept anything as grand,  as it is invisible to our Conscious Minds Eye - and only through opening our Un / Sub Conscious  Mind's Eye, can we ever hope to gain enlightenment, and not through arguing over words and meanings that are lost in translation within the hu - mans mind, but by a direct connection to the word and meanings allowed us in this physical body - through the celebration of the Agape of old - and through being open and ready - and only then will the conscious mind accept the truth and be at one with God  - having an In Body Experience.

Passion - Desire - a Coming Together as One - the masculine and the feminine within - uniting within the individual as the One Sex - the One Being - feeling the intense Love held within - cannot be taught. It has to be experienced, as how many Priests or Rabbi's have ever had a Godly experience - a true connection with the Divine ?

The Pope is said to be God's ' Man on Earth' - but judging from many past Popes and their actions,  I doubt any have actually touched on the Divine  and certainly know little about the Grand Design.
That is reserved for the individual who is ready.

Comment by Satori D. Agape on January 18, 2015 at 10:43am

Good day all..

If I may..  I wanted to add from what I've read.  I do not believe John is downplaying B.E.  What I have read consistently from him is that he's saying, you only need to do 1 workshop of B.E. to get what its all about.  You don't need to do anything else beyond that.

The other stuff -- IMHO is just enhancements to the original workshop.  It's like taking a baking course.. you only need the first course to bake a cake.  Everything else is enhancements on that... different styles and different outlooks and different techniques with the same outcome... baking a cake.

I think the triggering mechanism for the defense is perhaps the reference that all the other workshops are B.S. -- from the standpoint that you only need the first -- I can see that.  From the standpoint that others want or may have interest in whatever else is put out in B.E. -- then it may not be. 

I was shown the B.E. techniques in a California Men's gathering event from several folks who took the B.E. course.  I recall one or a few saying that the other workshops add to the first in the sense of showing you other ways or techniques, but that you don't necessarily need to go through all the others to be able to do B.E. 

I've not gone through the training or taken any other classes. I understood what was being done from other backgrounds I have -- tantric and taoist sexual energy. 

I'm offering my post as just a different way to look at this.  There's no offense intended from it.

Warm Fuzzy Bear Hugs


Comment by JOHN BELLAMY on January 18, 2015 at 8:33am

Dear me.   How some people read and react on things they are simply wrong about and will not then hear any alternative.  Now Hugh joins in with a wrong assumption and I am very pleased for him to have had so many good experiences with BE.

Maybe he needs to re read what was stated and not jump to the wrong assumption.  

Can anyone tell me why BE is no longer offering workshops in so many places any more ? In the UK they have all but vanished.

Comment by JOHN BELLAMY on January 18, 2015 at 7:21am

You assume too much my friend.  You assume my whole comment below was about BE and I am amazed you state I am attacking them - when I clearly am not. You are very much in error. When I speak about facilitators, I talk about facilitators in general and not about BE and you assume incorrectly. I am speaking generically.

There are many classes and many people offering Tantra and some are good while some are bad and some - quite literally - are just con artists out to grab your money and if you do not see the truth in that, then you will sorely loose out in life.  As I say - DISCERNMENT is important .

The Big Draw is NOT the same thing as Conscious Connected Breathing - maybe you should find out the difference - as they are really not the same thing at all..   ReBirthing -  is ancient - and Conscious Connected Breathing is the 21st century usage of this ancient form of breathing for the modern man - and is not the same as the Big Draw at all.

I never insulted anyone, that comes from how you choose to read my comments and I will not be drawn into a slanging match when we are discussing different methods of Tantra and breath work as mentioned by someone else not liking the Big Draw - and not slagging off different schools. I will not do that and never will. I will comment on methods and styles as there are a lot of suspicious teachers and schools out there and as stated, not all are good.
People need to be warned - and people need to be advised. B.E. - like my own workshops, are not for everyone. We all have our styles and our teachings and we all have our followers. All are as valid if they come from a loving space and offer a genuine teaching for the soul,  and if not, then we who know a little more,- you and I - must always stand up and be heard and save those who are conned.  The spiritual journey is filled with those who will take advantage,  and as stated now several times., DISCERNMENT is important, and that is exactly what this group is about.

Comment by Gordon on January 18, 2015 at 6:07am

I must strenuously protest your attacks on the faculty of the Body Electric School, John.  I have been a participant in various BE workshops over the past ten years, and I have found the faculty to be amazing, wonderful men -- highly educated, trained and experienced in their field, men who are humble and who bring extensive skills to their work.  They are quite the opposite of your insulting description.

Breathwork is part of the BE experience, and may be facilitated by drumming. All of these techniques are used to help men go deep within themselves, to open their hearts, to become more authentic, more loving, to bring attention and awareness to the joy of eros.

I don't know what you think is the difference between "Conscious Connected Breathing" and "The Big Draw" but in my experience over many years, they are the same thing.  And the Big Draw can be wonderful and profound; it has been for me.

Your insinuations and insults tell us nothing about the Body Electric School. This newly re-invigorated forum deserves more thoughtful, better-informed comments.

Comment by JOHN BELLAMY on January 18, 2015 at 5:44am

Conscious Connected Breathing is amazing. The Big Draw is not.

If you use your breath sexually, you can achieve amazing things - multiple orgasms that can last for up to 20 minutes where you are writhing in ecstasy and connected to your Light Body - as the breath is the bridge between your physical and your light bodies and is intense.  If used with depression, panic attacks, stress, love, joy and basically anything,  you will feel healed and the breath has an immediate healing quality if used correctly.

Most facilitators have never experienced what they teach. They have read the book - taken the workshop - and now wish to teach but do not experience or understand fully what is going on and very few have the faintest about the spiritual connections - while claiming all sorts of things that are simply lost to them. 
As with anything spiritual and sexual, there will always be those who are good and those who are not and DISCERNMENT is important.  ]

B.E. is wonderful and I hear many who have gained a great deal - so follow your instincts and intuition and never blindly follow without question - question - questioning those in charge to make sure they are genuine

DO NOT assume B.E. is the only - the best - the most - as it is not.  It is old fashioned in its teachings and not current for the new energies of the Aquarian Age - being tied to the age of Pisces - which is now not current.

For the 21st century western man,  chanting old fashioned stuff that makes no sense to the western ear is redundant and out dated.  Drum beating is powerful - Breathing is also - but not when done with little knowledge - and being led into where you are being taken, rather than opening a space and allowing each person to go wherever their subconscious allows.

If facilitated without any hidden agendas, it can be very healing of mind, body and soul - and every workshop, be it BE - my own, or any group, can be amazing if your heart is in the right place and it is ready for you to gain enlightenment - and you do not even need ever do a workshop at all, like me - and yet I am a true master of Tantra learned through channel.

Read this to find out more :

Always with love.

Comment by Louis on January 17, 2015 at 11:58pm

I have always wanted to attend a BE class...just not sure I would get into the drum beating....

Comment by Jack Smith on January 17, 2015 at 6:47pm
I am not so into the big draw. Although an interesting experience

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