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Hot Summer of FREE man fun from Bi Men Network & Beta Mu Society for all bi & gay men! FREE!



Early Father's Day Gift for ALL OUR MEMBERS!…


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How to Better Meet Bi Men and Gay Guys Online Today! Fine tune your skill set for more man fun!

For those of you who are pretty new to the online "dating" community and the Bi and Gay Men community in particular, I have been working with bi and bi-curious men and gay guys for well  over 30 years, and do know something about how to be successful at meeting guys for friendship and more! Most of you men here are not going to meet the man of your screams, much less the man of your dreams if you have empty profiles with no geographic info, no info or insights about YOU or who you are or…


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What is Bisexuality? Is Bisexuality for YOU? Or friends of yours?

What is Bisexuality? Is being bi for YOU? Is it a good fit for YOU? Worth a try?

When the Bi Men Network was first founded in early 1998 our two main themes were: “You are NOT alone!” and “The infinite shades of grey that is bisexuality today”

Here at Bi MEN NETWORK if you want to be a member fine. We have many bi-curious adult men here who have…


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HI from MAC McCLOUD - Founder - Bi MEN NETWORK - come join us at BETA MU! OK!

HI MEN!  What a great site and FLOYD is a fine man!  I'm Founder of Bi Men Network and warmly invite each of you to join me (and Floyd and others from here too) at our new online social fraternity for bi and gay men - BETA MU SOCIETY at - come try it free + 24-7 VIDEO CHAT. Come have fun with the brothers!

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Bucharest gay massage

Gay massage in Bucharest. Rates from 35 euros. More details you can get from my website

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Pure Hca Review - Burn Fat In A Rapid Way!

Did verdict refined omega-3 fatty acids has been used since the days for the Vikings as a food supplement and for medicinal purposes? The oils were primarily recommended, as well time, to increase bowel motility and cut down joint affliction.

You wouldn't happen to produce dandelions with your backyard? Wishes a weed that is typically found in collection of locations. Dandelion, however, likewise an herb that has many health benefits. This particular herb can help…


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Extremely intersted in giving and receiving.

I am not a professional, but I do have a lot of experience. I have a lot of strenght in my hands and love to use baby oil as it makes…


Added by Marlin J. Spellman on February 13, 2016 at 6:00pm — No Comments

Thinning Hair Treatments

Remember may used to buck them when you were a youngster. You had better things to do, like taking over a small ant colony or playing with leap frog with real frogs.

You see, my father had a really good head of hair, but my grandfather on my mother's side thinned badly on most…


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Finasteride And Hair Loss

Male male pattern hair loss is typical. Therefore, there is a high chance that you as a working man would in order to learn how you can regrow your hairline. About 50 percent of guys have to using it. I'm a person that half. I have tried numerous stinky shampoos and guru treatments only to…


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Green Tea Weight Loss: Find Brand New You

When I was really obese, Automobile with lower calorie diet. Feelings of hunger and deprivation kept me wondering when i could have my next meal. The labyrinth was distracting and after a concise amount of time, Located myself failing at another diet and feeling disheartened.

In our case, Model Motors recommends a 12x8 propeller if this motor is employed in a trainer. I'd also buy at least…


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How A Person's Brain Operates While Have Got Asleep

Are anyone much stressed? Does every day's work pressure keep you awake during the nights? Can't you concentrate properly while you do any work? Everyday's work pressure has made us function like a robot. We become stressed after working throughout time and have problems nervous…


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Use These Anti Aging Tips Appear For Young And Vital

So you spent an excessive amount your twenties staying up and leading a wild and crazy night life. It's scary to wake up one day and observed that you're looking more like a panda than an actual human truly. Antiaging eye creams are said to assist with long term measures, but right now, you require to paint deal with with concealer.

Browse through online Hydroxatone reviews to learn more regarding it…


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Hydroxatone - One Of The Latest Cosmetic Creams Of Asia Is Now In America

Hydroxatone thrills women. Until now, women were fed up of using the same, old anti-aging formulas that claimed to remove wrinkles, brighten up skin, along with. Women knew they were wasting money on creams, yet they bought them. Every morning, they will sigh with just one result and just listen no result. Yet, they continued to slather skin creams. It had become a routine, something that hardly mattered…


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How Exercising Your Body Will Also Help Your Brain

How many times have you woken up from bed on a Monday morning with a huge heart and an absence of positive attitude? Countless, most answers would be coming right back without a delay. So what can you do about it? Well, you are not powerless and you can turn it around with the right information and good positivity. Read on for the practices you can try to keep your sunny attitude.

What inside…


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Muscle Gaining Tips Which Actually Work

Is time the reason you don't work out satisfactory? Some people are too lazy to determine. Others have higher things. But some folks just plain do not have sufficient time when they were young to twice daily . traditional education. If this is you, then the 7 Minute Muscle program could become your salvation.

To build muscle you do not need to rely solely on supplements or expensive medical treatments.…


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I have moved from Wilmington, NC  to  Murrells Inlet,SC.

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The largest Diary of Events for Men - in an EXCLUSIVE RETREAT HOTEL FOR MEN - CLOTHING OPTIONAL, can be found here:-

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Tantric Sexuality



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Anyone from Charlotte?

Looking for male/male massage in Charlotte

Added by Vick on January 9, 2015 at 3:42pm — No Comments

indie/foreign film enthusiast

I'd like to meet other guys interested in viewing/discussing indie/foreign film; share favorite ones

Added by Hunt on January 7, 2015 at 6:58pm — 2 Comments

Happy New Year -- 2015

Hello Guys.   I'm a GWM, 64, 5'10", 200, 38-waist -- who lives in San Jose, CA.  USA.

I do Rubdowns and REIKI treatments.

Hope to work with you soon.  Contact me by Calling or Texting

me at 1-408-835-2461 up until 11:00 p.m. 

Have a Great New Year, and remember to be Safe on the Road

as well as In Bed.


-- Daddy Bill  


Added by Bill McBride on December 29, 2014 at 2:14pm — No Comments

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