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June 2010

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Tank Hill, solstice

Tank Hill, SF - Summer Solstice 2010

Dear Ones,

Summer is here. We celebrated summer solstice with MCC/SF atop Tank Hill Park overlooking the city. As I called in the directions, a real sense of all our ancestors, who for thousands of years have done rituals like this to welcome in abundance, ran through my body. Steve Marlowe, who used to be one of our Peaceful Warrior teachers, led the circle in a chant, “We all come from the Goddess.” Steve talked about abundance, as he has gone through treatment for prostate cancer. Listening to him opened my heart. (Please hold Steve in the abundance of healing).

As we enjoy summer on this hemisphere, what is the abundance you’re experiencing in your life? Abundance is an inner state being manifested in our outer will. It’s my hope that you might see the abundance that is present now, no matter what the outer circumstances may be.


Intimacy is the Pathway

Intimacy is something we all hunger for, but may dance around. The magic of the work of Flesh & Spirit is creating safe and sacred spaces for men to explore both the hunger and the dance of intimacy. The dance, of course, has all of its stuff like the fear of rejection, heartache from loss, and a fear of losing control. If we can bring compassion to these old stories, we can create new ones.

The Lakota Indian word Mitakuye Oyasin means “All My Relations”. Intimacy is that connection with all our relations; sun, moon, earth, living, dead, nature, and all creatures. The dance of intimacy not only impacts the abundance we receive, it is the underpinning of tackling crisis like the oil spill or even what we believe we can accomplish.

The Mystic Rumi said, “the agony of lovers is the pathway to God”. It is in the heart broken open that we remember the intimacy that charges our bodies, our passions, and our hunger to seek connection. Flesh & Spirit in September will do another one-day workshop called The Lover. Clearing the stories that inhibit you from being close, connection and experiencing “giving and receiving as one in the same” will be the focus. So how hungry do you feel to connect? Notice without judgment knowing intimacy is not an issue; it is a gift of self-loving we all might enjoy.

Happy summer. Touch from the heart and enjoy the intimacy of life.


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Reiki Clinic: Wednesday, July 7th, 8p – 9p
MCC SF, 150 Eureka in the Castro

F&S Community Potluck: Saturday, July 10th, 5p – 8p
We'll be
generating new ideas at the potluck to make them more fun and interesting.
We'd like to start featuring guests speakers and presenters who currently contribute
to the Queer Community - authors, healers, activists, queer supporting organizations, etc. If you or someone you know might be interested in being featured at a future Potluck, contact Nick. Hope you can come to add some juice!

Ecstatic Massage Ritual: Sunday, July 11th, 6:30p-9:30p
924 Presidio, F&S Temple

Drumming Circle: Sunday, July 11th, 5p – 8p
Contact Ed Wyre for more info.

Coming up...
Pachamama Celebration in Golden Gate Park
: Sunday, August 8th, 2-4p

The NEW Peaceful Warrior - Part 2: Saturday, August 21st, 10a – 4:30p
Registration: $97 By August 6th - $127 After June 7th
Registration Link Coming Soon

The Lover: The Body of Intimacy - Saturday, September 4th, 10a – 5p
(The website says 9/18, but it IS 9/4)

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