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How to Better Meet Bi Men and Gay Guys Online Today! Fine tune your skill set for more man fun!

For those of you who are pretty new to the online "dating" community and the Bi and Gay Men community in particular, I have been working with bi and bi-curious men and gay guys for well  over 30 years, and do know something about how to be successful at meeting guys for friendship and more! Most of you men here are not going to meet the man of your screams, much less the man of your dreams if you have empty profiles with no geographic info, no info or insights about YOU or who you are or what you seek, no photos, and not even a half decent logo or avatar to symbolize and represent yourself. It is amazing how many men put up online ads and profiles spending their time and often money that convey little to nothing. Frankly, like most everything in life - it IS what you make of it. If you do little or nothing to help other men get to know you with your own online ad/profile, then they will move on to the next guy who has a lively, interesting online ad/profile filled out with real info and some images. If you do want to have some superb and sublime man experiences as a result of your online efforts then please consider and act on at least some of  the following:

A. Your Avatar/Logo/Photo: This is the first thing guys see. If you are just using a letter or number or nothing. that is pretty boring. Think of it like the sign for a store or restaurant. First impressions are important so this Logo or Thumbnail or Lead In - teaser text is vital. You are NOT a boring or colorless person, get to work,  and put something up there that symbolizes YOU! Your face, your cock, your hot ass, your dog, your horse, a cartoon, or ??? Even the ones that most systems offer are better than NOTHING! You want guys to want to MEET YOU - to MEAT UP with you - or make friends with you - or all of the above, RIGHT? Go for it! Take the time and effort to make men want to come in and meet you online

B. Your Location: Like real estate, it's all about LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! Make it easy for guys to find you, especially with great Search functions.   Many online  ads and profiles have little  or no location info. Be sure your ad/profile has your city, state, nation and postal code listed in it. If you live near a major city like Evanston near Chicago, it might be best to list Chicago (Evanston) with the zip code of course for Evanston. Many guys flying into O'Hare Airport could host a hot time at their hotel. They are looking for men in the Chicago area, but they are not going to do a search for each and every town and city in that area. So if you live near a major city, list it and put your exact town or city in parenthesis after the name of that major city.

Example: Los Angeles (Beverly Hills) or Washington,  DC  (Alexandria, VA)

C. Your Profile: Your online profile at is your very own MAN CAVE and you want YOUR MAN CAVE--spruced up to draw MEN in who will want to meet YOU - its inhabitant! If you have no info and no photos,  men online will not stop by to say HI to YOU! They will not want to meet you, and will move on to the next guy with an intriguing profile! So have your basic info: your age, your body, what you like to do (or not do) sexually, your availability, your level of experience, especially if you are a newcomer! Some guys love to bring a newcomer along, and some do not! Photos help--videos too! You do NOT have to show your face. If you do not have photos of YOU--put up something to dress up your MAN CAVE Your very own frat house room! Think of it like pictures on a wall--even a nice landscape helps! Put up sports images or your pet or something that relates to YOU.

D. Fun, Friendship or both?: You need to think FOR NOW: "What am I here LOOKING FOR?" or "What am I open to online now days?" Is it love or lust, no-strings sex, a friend with benefits, or just a hunting or ski bud or drinking or fishing buddy? Do you want sex with any of the men perusing your ad/profile  or is it all just for good camaraderie and companionship that you seek? Do you even Know? Give it some thought! But TELL THEM!

Let your AD/PROFILE--your MAN CAVE  -show and project what you are and just what you are looking for. You can be up-front if you wish, like: "I am here for no-strings sex only!" or "I am a newcomer to m4m sex and need a sexual coach or mentor." or "I am here to find a good friend with benefits!" or "I am NOT here for sex, but want to find a good friend or friends here!" You can have many wants, and you might list them with your priorities as: "I am here for lust first, friends second, and LUV if it happens third." It is important to give some information - and do not just say "Ask Me!"  Guys want to have some idea who you are.  OK? Give them enough to have a pretty good idea of just what you are up for here!

Give your  readers some specifics. If you love to hunt and fish and would love to have a sex buddy--a friend with benefits--to go off on the nature trails with, and do your thing both in and out of the tent, say what you are looking for. Or a guy you golf with, or go to football or basketball games with and then have HOT SEX afterwards. Over the years, some of the best relationships I have seen at the Bi MEN NETWORK is your best buddy who your wife thinks is a regular nice guy, and he is also your BEST lover--often better than HE

If you are just looking for friends, then it is good to put that out there and keep your profile low-key--easy on the sex pics and talk about sex. State your interests--what you are looking for in a friend: companionship, do things together, chat buddy, mutual life support, sports, networking, or such. More information is better than NO information, but do beware of TOO much information. Everything in moderation!

E. Reach out and touch someone: Make it a habit to check in once a day or twice a week. Welcome some of the new men at the site where you have your own ad/profile--fresh meat! Comment on their photos, "Hey! WOW! What a nice cock you have, man!" Ask to be their friend. Accept friend requests. It only takes mere seconds. Be a FRIEND. Be FRIENDLY. Be a nice guy! This can be a tough life so play NICE. Yes, you may fall into bed, or even fall in love with a guy you meet online, but that is NOT the only reason, or main reason you are on the planet! Use the search functions to find men in your home area or when you travel. Then reach out and touch guys in those areas. Be a warm, friendly guy!

OK MEN! So now you know these tips on how to be a great guy  online, go and fix up your MAN CAVE! Be a nice guy -even be a friend--but be friendly! The net is here for you! So be here for some of the other men too. Make your ad(s) and profile(s) warm and inviting too.

This is a great time to be a man online today. You can have man fun and you can still make some great friends for LIFE!  And the internet makes it so easy if you put in some effort!

This can be the start of something big and quite magical for bisexual and bi-curious men, and our gay male, trans and intersex friends. You should also seriously consider becoming a Beta Mu Society member  now when you can get two weeks full membership free plus our hot video chat is free for all adult men worldwide 24/7 at Chat Live at our Beta Mu man fun club house.  Come skip and go naked with our bi and bi-curious and gay men anytime.

OK  GOOD LUCK! Take some time and effort with your ads and profiles and see the results!

Best Wishes and Big Hugs,

Stewart (Mac) McCloud, 

Beta Mu Alpha Founding Father at the Beta Mu Society at

and the Founder/CEO of the Bi Men Network -


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Comment by Floyd on May 21, 2016 at 12:22am

This blog has some excellent advice. Whether you are looking for a massage because you are craving the touch of another man or you need to touch another guy, or you truly are looking to provide or receive the nurture and healing that massage can bring, the key is all about communicating what you are looking for and what you are offering.

This week I have looked through a good number of the ads on THIS site. and I have seen some that are really good and detailed and some that are totally ineffective. I definitely want to encourage everyone to take a look at their ad and see if YOU would respond to YOUR ad if you saw it? Does it contain enough info to make someone else interested? 

If you need help with creating a better ad, let me know or contact MAC.

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