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Male Bodyworkers Have a Vital Role to Play in the Coming Out Process for Adult Men of All Ages & Stages of Life!


Many of you do know either on a conscious or unconscious level the vital role you play in the COMING OUT process of adult men at all ages and at all stages of life. It can be the healing touch and care you offer day in and day out - and it can also be the quiet acceptance that an erection is a perfectly natural thing and is a completely acceptable response to your touch - and then when it comes up it can be just listening to the cares and concerns of troubled and confused married and divorced adult men who are grappling with COMING OUT.  Bless you one and all for this and keep up this important, good work!

Here, I would like to share with you an article I just got published online at the Articles Base website on this subject:

This article "ORLANDO: Never Again! More Help Needed for Troubled & Confused Married/Divorced MEN!" has just been published online. To view this article, please review the following link:

Sadly the Orlando Massacre among many other issues aptly demonstrates that our society must do more for troubled and confused married & divorced men coming out or who are open to exploring their sexual options.

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