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Some Thoughts on Male Bisexuality Today and Over the Last 20 Years!

THOUGHTS ON MALE BISEXUALITY - today and over the last 20 years here!

Dear Brothers and Friends at Beta Mu Society and our Bi Men Network:

RE  Thoughts on male bisexuality - today and over the last 20 years here!

I started  all this 20 years ago when I was living in a beach cottage on the Strand in Oceanside next

to the USMC Camp Pendleton.  40 per cent of Marines (enlisted men - the young ones) have same sex.

In their 20's it is just boys being boys.  It became obvious to me - as Kevin Spacey in the award
winning big movie "American Beauty Rose"  - that those USMC officers who kept at it into middle
age were VERY VERY unhappy confused and miserable men.  As was shown so well in that film.
That is when I realized that the INTERNET was ideal for all DOWN LOW bisexual and bi-curious MEN.
No gay churches (MCC or such) to go into to seek a clergyman;  no gay bars to go into to seek a
bartender to talk with;  no Gay Community Center to go into God Forbid in the light of day;  - can
use a nickname or such - hide your ID - be honest more than elsewhere (ie online) - meet others.
20 years ago every guy who joined us often thought he was the only bi guy on earth. Not so today.
The internet has been GREAT for bi men and bi-curious guys - but also keeps them in the closet. Like
the Stonewall riots - arresting gays and terrorizing them in the Village in a gay bar LED to REVOLT.  It
is hard TODAY to imagine NYC cops wasting their time and energy to raid a nice gay bar in the Village. 
Any way over 20 years MILLIONS have been through Bi MEN NETWORK - you can read the demographic
study we paid $5,000 for years ago.  But they come and they go.  Very fluid thing.  Generally once a guy
decides he is GAY - he is gay for life.  Bisexuality is often a bridge and not a destination.  I would estimate
40 per cent of adult men - 17 to 70 have a same sex experience at least once if not  many times in their
lives.   They often DO NOT even think about it as same sex sex.  It is just two ships passing in the night -
a hand job - mutual JO - a blow job - or more?  Rest areas,  bathrooms, parks, adult bookstores, alleys.
Just some guy I met in a bathroom or such.  Casual sex and not even a name or nickname.  Often 1 X only.
Of that 40 per cent of MEN who have same-sex at least once.  I would say 1/4 are bisexual all their lives
(openly or covertly or anywhere in between) - 1/4 go on to TURN and BE GAY -  bridge not a destination -
and 1/4 never have a same sex experience again - the many who did so in college or as teens or in the
military for example - in their youth -  and never have same sex again later in life -  and 1/4 continue off
and on to have same sex -  situational bisexuality - wife is not into sex or is ill or pregnant - no time for 
women - no money for women - on the run casual m4m sex over a life time - etc etc etc - all kinds of m4m.
That is my TWO CENTAVOS to get your balls rolling.  But a big problem with BISEXUALITY - is that only 1/4 are
bisexual ALL their lives and of that group NOT MANY want to be open or come out and are NOT activists by
any stretch of the imagination.  They are not PROUD to BE BI by any means and want to keep it on the DL.
Also as I was trying to point out in my OPEN LETTER the level of self-understanding and self-acceptance can
be LOW.  There may be little if not self-examination and reflection and contemplation on THEIR own sex lives.
OK my two cents.  Do NOT miss out on your ONE MONTH FREE - Hurricane Relief FUN - at  BETA MU SOCIETY -
go now - a month free at the one and ONLY truly private safe and discreet - bi men social networking site on
the NET today with our own private safe secure and discreet server - free for you at
Best Wishes and Big Hugs, DAD MAC
Stewart (Mac) McCloud
Alpha Founding Father
The Bi Men Fraternity

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