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What is Bisexuality? Is Bisexuality for YOU? Or friends of yours?

What is Bisexuality? Is being bi for YOU? Is it a good fit for YOU? Worth a try?

When the Bi Men Network was first founded in early 1998 our two main themes were: “You are NOT alone!” and “The infinite shades of grey that is bisexuality today”

Here at Bi MEN NETWORK if you want to be a member fine. We have many bi-curious adult men here who have never even touched another adult man. We also have many men here who did play as kids with other boys – or as kids with adults – or “boys will be boys” in all male academies, summer camps, or at college or in the military. Many of these members DO NOT DO ANY man to man sex these days – just may enjoy the stories, pics and camaraderie.

AND here at Bi MEN NETWORK we have many GAY MEN – gay as geese! They may have never even touched an adult woman sexually. They may have dated as teenagers – had “straight” sex then with teenage girls or older adult women (God Bless Mrs. Robinson)!

All bi and gay men are welcomed here!

WOMB TO TOMB – 18 to 118 is our motto – You are NOT alone! – and the infinite shades of gray that is the reality of bisexuality today are themes here.

As noted in this fine article on this theme: “What is Bisexuality?” go to:

The Kinsey Scale has 6 sets of bisexuals. More simply we have: Gay Bisexuals; Bi Bisexuals; and Straight Bisexuals. You may move in and out and back and forth but like Liberals and Conservatives or Democrats and Republicans – you tend towards the middle or to one side of the continuum most of your life and most of the time.

So what kind of bisexual are you? You may be a newcomer! Or you may have had experiences years ago. You may have just had some swinging experiences and found that bi MMF play was fun or you even dug the MEN at these orgies! You may be gay and find  you like bi or straight men over most gay men. You may like to play the “female” or the submissive role in sex play. You may just be an “anything that moves” horny sumbitch. You may just like a good BJ and have found many men do it better. You may have just found out you enjoy being penetrated. YOU may have?

SO take a look at this PIECE (link above and below). And check out the LINKS and GUIDES on this topic at our own website:

BOTH have other fine pieces and info on this wide-ranging TOPIC. And if you’d like to chat about this be sure to check out the lively chat and often the cybersex 24 and 7 at our Bi Men Chat Room here:

If you need help learning how to use our chat room, you can go here:

SO: “What kind of bisexual are YOU?”

Thank you for being with us here!


Alpha Founding Father of
The Beta Mu Society


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