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lets meet at your place - where?

1120 Hyde St., near California St.  Let's set a date;  (415) 397-1403. 


Sorry if you did not receive my reply.  Yes, I would welcome a massage trade.  i live on Nob Hill (California and Hyde sts)  Phone me:  415 397-1403  TREE

Hi there-

looking to trade. Interested?

Yes.  Available Tuesdays, Friddays-Sundays.  Afternoons Wednesday and Thursday.  LMK

Hey there., Are you around this week? I would like to set up a trade with you.

Sounds good.  Available until Noon on Friday.  Otherwise Jan 2d or later.

What happened?

Massage therapist, now retired, would love to set up some massage trades in San Francisco.   I'm also looking to trade massage for yoga sessions if there are any yogis around.  

Hi Terry,

Welcome to San Francisco!

I: would love to set up a massage exchange with you, perhaps even regularly if we hit it off.

I have been strictly amateur:  Several years learning and massaging my former wife.  Then formal training at the Body Electric School in Oakland:  First for the 2-3 day intro and then the week long training at Kalani.

I sold my massage table but if we do this, I will complete the purchase of the one I've been eyeing.

I will be away from 8/20 until 8/30 so any reply from me will probably come after that date.



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