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Hey guys! Let's share your success stories of connecting with other guys for massage exchange or professional massages. How easy was it to find a guy to connect with and what do you recommend for others to do to also connect successfully?

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Just wrote you on your website. I haven't been on here in a few years I think. Is there a way of searching by area? I live up in the Catskills two hours north of NYC and like to find exchange partners

Hi Drew! Yes, you can search by location or keyword. Just click on the MEMBERS tab at the top of any page and then in the search box, put in a city or state you are search for. Some guys use the 2 letter abbreviation and others spell out the name of the state, so try it different ways. See if that can help you locate someone near your area.

I have had not success; I see a person from the area, but I do not know hot to contact them.  You told me once how to do it but I did not see what you are saying. I live in Cleveland and there is a person In Medina, Ohio, south of me.  I thought perhaps if clicked on his name it would come up and I could send him a message.  As I said, you told me how but what you said to do--I was unable to do.  Yes, you tell him how to search but how does he emaill the person?

If you click on someone's picture, it brings up their profile. Under the main profile picture there are several links. One of them is to Send a Message. If you click on that, it sends a message to the person's registered email address. Sometimes the person will have additional contact info in their profile to make it easier to contact them.

Can anyone recommend a massage therapist located in the Inland Empire, California?

Thank you,


Hopefully someone here can give you a recommendation. But also try putting in different city names in the search box and see what comes up.

Hi Guys,

I'm in Bonnie Scotland where there seems to be few if any guys on this site. However, I do manage to exchange with guys when I travel to London and I have a couple of good mates in Edinburgh.

We like to massage each other tiem about and usually do so undraped.It is good to be able to explore the male body but always respecting boundaries and I beleive that these hav eto be clearly defined.

Massage is a great way to connect with another human being and allows the body and mind to relax. Of course, a good exchange enhances the skill base of both partners and can lead to better technique.

If any of the guys here are finding it tough to make connections, all I can say is keep trying! Once you manage to make arrangements, I'm sure your experience will be great.

Above all -- keep massaging!



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