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Sound off and let us know what you are looking for when you are looking for someone on here.. from the perspective of:

Looking for clients..

Looking for someone to give me a massage..

Looking for one or more guys to exchange or trade massages with.

Let us know which of the three categories you fit into and what you look for both in someone's profile as well as in general.



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Getting a massage:

I am looking for someone local to the Saint Louis area within 45 minute drive

Looking for someone who is mature and experienced and always works undraped

Always looking for clients

Definitely looking for someone in my area. I haven't found a way to search for that so I'm kind of dead in the water,as far as this site goes .

Love to give a massage, enjoy giving pleasure, hearing the signs of enjoyment. I always work undraped, enjoy seeing and touching the human form.
I am either looking for some in my area either to be a client or trade a massage with. I enjoy giving as well as receiving touch and prefer to be undraped.
Looking for a great relaxing sentive massage
Here in San Diego

Great idea... but needs to be an easy way to search by geographic area.

If everyone fills out their profile correctly, you should be able to serach by State, or by City or by anything that is in a profile. Just go to members tab and put in what you are looking for in the search box.

Does that work for you?

Yes...fantastic.  I hope everyone becomes familiar with the trick...

I'm looking for an easier way to find bodywork partners in my area.
Looking for therapeutic and sensual bodywork in NELA; can swap but I'm a novice

Looking for guys that want to exchange massage.  New to the site and I'm mostly looking for someone close and wants to feel another mans strong touch


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