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  • Bed Shares Honolulu Hawaii

    1 member Latest Activity: Jun 11, 2016 An alternative to expensive hotel stays, Bed Shares allows men to share massage and beds for short overnight stays.


    26 members Latest Activity: Mar 27

    Group for men who enjoy the company of other naked men, who like to exhibit their nakedness for other men who appreciate what it is to be a…

  • Yoga

    39 members Latest Activity: Dec 27, 2020 a group for men interested in Yoga teaching and practice

  • Accupressure/Shiatsu

    7 members Latest Activity: Dec 26, 2020

    A group to discuss Acupressure and Shiatsu

  • Thai Massage

    27 members Latest Activity: Jan 3, 2020 a group for practitioners and clients interested in Thai Massage

  • Portland Oregon Massage

    11 members Latest Activity: Mar 27

     A place for people in Portland Oregon to find and exchanges massages. 

  • Northeastern Ohio Massage Exchange

    5 members Latest Activity: Apr 14

    Men in and around Northeastern Ohio who are inversted in  a mssage or  giving one.

  • Vegetarians and Vegans

    4 members Latest Activity: Jan 7, 2018

    A group for those who are interested in things related to being Vegetarian or Vegan. Let's talk about it!

  • Cleveland Massage Exchange

    3 members Latest Activity: Apr 14

    Amateur that has had a lot of experience in giving massages and would like to exchange with like-minded men. I am open as to the type put usually…

  • Massage Connection listing by US by state

    79 members Latest Activity: Apr 14

    This group allows you to find your state or area and connect more easily with guys in your area. Please post in the appropriate location. I have…

  • Weight Loss+ Getting in shape

    4 members Latest Activity: May 16, 2018

    A group for guys who want to take off some pounds and get into better shape. Share tips of what works and what doesn't work and support each other…

  • SFBayGayBodyworkers

    31 members Latest Activity: Aug 9, 2020

  • Mature Massage

    165 members Latest Activity: May 9

    A group for those who are over 40 or those interested in massage by men over 40. Many guys only want a hot young stud to give them a massage. Some…

  • Rock Climbing

    5 members Latest Activity: Feb 5, 2015 for men who enjoy the physical, mental and emotional benefits of rock and wall climbing

  • Zen Sport

    6 members Latest Activity: Nov 2, 2015 a group for members to discuss the Zen aspects of sporrt

  • Flesh & Spirit Community

    15 members Latest Activity: Aug 14, 2019 We are an intentional community of queer men who bring enlightenment, love, liberation, healing, knowledge, power, and wholeness around issues of…

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