Massage exchange in Canton, Mi

Anyone in DTW area? Canton, Westland, novi, Livonia? Ypsi? Who want to change massage? Photos;)
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    Kevin Green


    I live in East Lansing and have been unsuccessful in starting a massage exchange here in mid-Michigan.


    Have you heard of David Rosenberg in Ann Arbor? He is a gay massage therapists and conducts male group training sessions twice a week. One is during the day sometime. The other time is Saturday night. The cost is $10 at the door and reservations aren't necessary. His website is 

    . I've wanted to attend, but haven't reserved the time in my schedule. I suspect that you may be able to connect with Canton-area guys through David's workshops. Of course, David is attempting to build his regular massage client base at the same time.


    Would you want to keep in touch? Two minds attempting to set up massage exchanges are better than one. Text me if you wish. My cell # is 517-351-7118. Kevin