Tantric Massage

a group for those interested in Tantric massage and exploring Tantra

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    So this time I want to talk to you about moving your sexual energy to spirit. So when we talk about Tantra, we talk about sex and we talk about spirituality and sometimes we can talk about those as isolated topics but also if you imagine it in your body and your sex being where your genitals are and your spirit coming in from your head or from your crown chakra, how do we get the sexual energy from down there to up here. It’s actually very simple and I’m going to share with you a technique. If you like what you're hearing why not join me on one of my many events across the USA & UK - see here: https://www.tantra4gaymen.co.uk/workshop-and-event-calendar #tantralife #tantrateacher #tantrafacilitator #gaytantra #loveforlove #tantralove #gaysex #tantrasex #gaylife #tantra4gaymen #loveislove

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    Marc Dixon

    anything coming up in the bay area?  I'm on the SF Peninsula.

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    Rob James

    Hi Guys, are there any Tantric Masseurs in San Diego? I'm beginning to learn and would like to practice, to learn and exchange. Peace. Rob