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Regarding Wellness and Bodywork, I am best described as:
I'm not a licensed CMT and not in the business of providing bodywork of any kind for a fee. A Master, Apprentice or somewhere in between depending on the activity, I'm interested in the integration of different practices to improve the body/mind/spirit. Always seeking to learn new techniques and improve the ones I know. I'm Interested in exchanging body and energy work with other intuitive, like-minded men. I have been passionately exchanging massage for over fifteen years. And I'd also like to practice tai chi and yoga (both individual and partners poses) especially nude and preferably outdoors with another man or small group.

When it comes to swapping massage, you don't need to be a CMT as long as you enjoy receiving and giving massage and can make that energy connection. A student of massage or just a guy who has made a serious commitment to learning as much as he can about the art is as rewarding to share a massage with as the experienced CMT.

I'm experienced at Swedish, sports, and deep tissue modalities with considerable Body Electric experience and have learned a lot from the many CMT and others with whom I have traded. Warm stones, vibration and magnetism can also be included. I like to use pure, organic olive oil, but you can bring your favorite oil/lotion. I can either host or travel with a very comfortable, strong table. In an unhurried way, the focus is always on relieving stress and re-energizing the body, mind and spirit through breathwork, stretching, and achieving a calm, relaxed and centered state of mind with a shared connection.

I'm 6'2" 195 lbs, athletic/muscular build with some body hair but mostly smooth skinned. I massage with us both nude to enhance the exchange of energy and allow for mutual touch as desired. Prefer hwp athletic to muscular builds with enough muscle to make massage enjoyable for both of us, but hyper masculinity is neither required nor expected. A good balance of yin and yang is always best. Enjoy swapping with smooth to somewhat hairy men, but find that a lot of hair on the back detracts from the experience. Hair on the chest, arms and legs isn't a problem and can be quite sensual. Please respect and take care of yourself. I commit to remaining in the present and a nurturing connection during our exchange/practice and expect the same from my partner.

An exchange usually starts with one person lying face down and receiving massage for 30-45 minutes. Typically the guy who has just been massaged then becomes the masseur and works on his partner who is face down for another 30-45 min. At this point the masseur returns to the table face up and receives the second half of his massage for another 30 min after which he works on his partner who is face up for 30 min, and the massage is concluded with a variety of shared tantric energy exchange. Alternatively, all the attention can be on one partner one time and then reverse roles the the next time. A 60-90 min massage in a peaceful environment with relaxing music, candles, strong hands, gentle spirit, and warm towels awaits.

And a final technical note: Increasing the circulation of blood and lymph is a well known benefit of massage. In addition, recent studies show that Swedish and gentle sensual massage has other significant beneficial biological effects - hormonal changes such as an increase in the production of endorphins and oxytocin, both "feel good" hormones, as well as decreases in the production of arginine vasopressin and corticotropin which then leads to lower levels of the bad stress hormone cortisol.

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  • Exchange

    Rob Marcello

    celtic, do you provide massages and if so, where and are they free of charge?

    Thanks Rob

  • Exchange


    Would love to do an exchange.

  • Exchange

    Marc Dixon

    Next time I'm i Palm springs I'll make sure to set up a massage trade.