• Bed Shares Honolulu Hawaii

    1 member

    An alternative to expensive hotel stays, Bed Shares allows men to share massage and beds for short overnight stays.

  • Massage Connection listing by US by state

    70 members

    This group allows you to find your state or area and connect more easily with guys in your area. Please post in the appropriate location. I have listed all 50 states plus DC. Just scroll to your state or search for it in the search box. Please do NOT create new locations. I will be adding more loca…

  • Tantric Massage

    156 members

    a group for those interested in Tantric massage and exploring Tantra


    25 members

    a Yahoo massage exchange group for SoCal. No need to join here, just link through to Yahoo

  • Thai Massage

    27 members

    a group for practitioners and clients interested in Thai Massage

  • Yoga

    36 members

    a group for men interested in Yoga teaching and practice

  • Northeastern Ohio Massage Exchange

    4 members

    Men in and around Northeastern Ohio who are inversted in  a mssage or  giving one.


    24 members

    Group for men who enjoy the company of other naked men, who like to exhibit their nakedness for other men who appreciate what it is to be a man.  Sexually. Spiritually. Emotionally. - in other words - Mind, Body and Spirit. Naked weekend events are regularly planned and numerous 'get togethers' w…

  • Vegetarians and Vegans

    4 members

    A group for those who are interested in things related to being Vegetarian or Vegan. Let's talk about it!

  • Weight Loss+ Getting in shape

    4 members

    A group for guys who want to take off some pounds and get into better shape. Share tips of what works and what doesn't work and support each other on the journey.

  • Massage Exchange - NYC

    13 members

    Masseurs & Massage Enthusiasts can post here. Please indicate where U are, availability, whether you can host and your specialty.

  • SFBayGayBodyworkers

    30 members

  • Mature Massage

    160 members

    A group for those who are over 40 or those interested in massage by men over 40. Many guys only want a hot young stud to give them a massage. Some guys appreciate experience over youth and this is the group to talk and connect.

  • Rock Climbing

    5 members

    for men who enjoy the physical, mental and emotional benefits of rock and wall climbing

  • Gay Bodyworkers South Florida

    4 members

  • www.MichaelFeelsGood.com

    4 members

    www.MichaelFeelsGood.com has been updated as of 11-24-09. Check it out ! Happy Thanksgiving to each of you from Michael 619-972-2216

  • Burns, OR Area Mature Full Body Rubs Group

    3 members

    In need of some TLC for local sore spots? You might consider getting some (M2M) rubbing to ease the body's hard working day. This retired DAVeteran will be willing to come to you locally (short drive) to give your body some comfort, without having to travel. If you like, we can set up a schedule fo…

  • Traveling to Bodywork Related Events

    8 members

    A group to discus traveling to spas, retreats, and events for massage, yoga, ect.

  • Zen Sport

    6 members

    a group for members to discuss the Zen aspects of sporrt

  • Flesh & Spirit Community

    15 members

    We are an intentional community of queer men who bring enlightenment, love, liberation, healing, knowledge, power, and wholeness around issues of queer men's identity, spirituality, and sexuality. Inclusive of men who love men,:gay,bi,and trans.