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I am not a professional, but I do have a lot of experience. I have a lot of strenght in my hands and love to use baby oil as it makes for the movement of my hands a lot easier and make my client feel so much better.  Not only that, by morning if you leave the baby oil on, by morning you will not know it as your skin is so dry.

I am interested in GIVING, RECEIVING, AND AN EXHANGE.  I welcome all men who would like to get the soreness out of their tired muscles and nerves.  I had one myself locally last night and man do I feel a lot better.  I a mixture of various types of massage in the process; I use deep body/nerve, Swedish, and some eroticism since I have been trained to work in this area helping a man come to terms with his nake body and the beauty of it and the interaction of another male body.  I live just north of Interstate 90 just about 10 miles west of Cleveland headed towards to Toledo.  There are many interstates not that far and all run into I90; they are 217, 77 from Columbus though Akron/Canton; 79 which heads towards Morgantown, WV, and I480 and I490 which interesect many of these.  I am only about 15 miles northest of the Cleveland Hopkins Airport right on Lake Erie which is only about 1,000 feet from me to the north.  Additionally, since I do live alone, I can host for the evening if you are in the area; therefore, you would not have the cost of renting a room.  I have to admit that I do not have a massage table so I use my bed for you to lay down on.  I love to begin with you laying spread eagle on the bed; and both of us, of course, would be totally nude.  I love to add aroma therapy to it, also.  Therefore, night after dark are the best combining the massage with the relaxation of candle light.  Hope to hear from you soon.  Ready and willing.

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