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Imagine - you've had a hard day on the island. Climbing coconut trees, fighting off sharks, sweating under the constant sunshine. Time to come home, lie on the floor and be massaged with skilful feet. Umm? Did you say FEET? Yes! Feet that can get to the source of your pain, releasing tension and tightness. Feet that can feel all your sore areas and can increase circulation, mobility and flexibility.

Why Massage with Feet?

Many massage therapists are ruining their hands, injuring their shoulders and stressing their necks giving traditional massage with hands/elbows. Statistics indicate that 80% of therapists have injured themselves within 2 years of beginning deep tissue work. Many therapists have to limit the number of their daily sessions or even quit the profession they love due to the strain/injury on their upper body.

Living in the remote villages of the Fiji Islands, Lolita Knight has developed a unique and effective therapeutic barefoot massage. Her protocol varies from other barefoot techniques in that no bars, overhead ropes, or oil are employed with her Fijian Massage. Most barefoot techniques either add strokes using the hands or require hands to hold on to the equipment. NO HANDS are employed with the Fijian Massage. In fact, a person with no arms or hands could learn Fijian Massage.

Fijian Massage does not include walking on the client's back as one foot remains standing on the floor. Fijian Massage is deeper and often more therapeutic than types of massage utilizing the hands –it gives therapists’ hands a break.

One of the main advantages for the therapist is this freedom of not using their hands preventing carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive movement injury. An injured therapist has a chance to heal. Hands are precious and should be saved to use only where and when they are required.

Can You Massage An Entire Body with Your Feet?

Treatment is not applied to the face and the anterior triangle of the neck. Protocols are designed for hands, arms, shoulders, posterior triangle of the neck, pectorals, trapezius, rhomboids, levator scapulae, back (cervical - thoracic-lumbar), gluteus, legs and feet.

What Components of the Foot Are Utilized For Massaging?

With the Fijian Massage you bring into play your toes, lateral and medial edge of your foot, the ball of your foot, the metatarsal phalangeal joint, the base of your heel and the edge of your heel.

Strokes may be gentle, deep or invigorating. Each part of the foot serves a different function. Various parts are engaged for warming the muscle, stretching, working around joints and Yang (heavy) muscles. The heel of the foot feels especially good in the trapezius and upper back area. The heel, while feeling very deep and therapeutic, suits small and large framed individuals from office workers to sports people. For more penetrating massage, the metatarsal phalangeal joint is utilized. Even the toes are gainfully employed to digitally work on specific areas.

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