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Give Your Man & His “Wand Of Light” A Boost With A Lingam Massage

Most men want to know how to give a great hand job, but did you know that by giving him a lingam massage you're not only giving him ample pleasure, you're also advancing his inner health, revitalizing his whole body while giving him a mind blowing spiritual experience?

Sounds like a pretty fancy way to give a hand job but lingam massage is no ordinary sex practice. This sensual couples massage is an age old M4M Tantric practice, derived from the Kama Sutra, an ancient Indian philosophy that involves sexual behavior, expansion of consent and awareness.

What is Tantra?

Tantric philosophy is an ancient science that originated in India. Intimately related to Yoga, Tantric techniques are used to expand consciousness and liberate energy. Tantra has been referred to as the "science of ecstasy" for its ability to draw couples together when used before or during lovemaking.

What is Lingam Massage?

In the world of Tantra, Lingam is the word for penis that loosely translates to 'wand of light' and the reason this tantric male massage differs from a regular hand job, or sensual lower massage, is that its purpose is to actually prolong arousal before ejaculation. This is done by continual stimulation of the Lingam where sexual energies are built up with massage then progressively slowed as he nears his sexual peak.

You may be wondering why you would want to defer ejaculation for as long as possible but the benefit of Lingam massage is that with practice men can develop controlling techniques to extend their lovemaking, which is great news for you. And they can also learn how to separate orgasm from ejaculation, which can make them multi orgasmic, which is great news for them!

And although many people have the mistaken belief that Tantra and Lingam massage is purely for erotica, its meaning is in fact much deeper than that. Although Tantric male massage definitely has a strong sexual element, its true purpose and remarkable benefit is that it actually heals and rejuvenates the body using sexual energy. With so many nerve endings on the Lingam corresponding to other parts of the body, it is believed that many common ailments can be cured by a good Lingam massage.

So the next time your man starts flashing his wand of light around, don't just give him a regular sensual lower massage, surprise him by giving him a Lingam massage. Not only will it calm him down, the different sensations of highs and low's of sexual pleasure will not only refresh him but also give his whole body a re-boot so to speak.

Nude Full Body Massage - Steps For a Lingam Massage

Lingam massage is all about putting him in to a deep relaxation to shift impurities in his system while promoting circulation. To achieve this you need give him a nude full body massage for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Use cold organic oils such as almond, sesame or olive, rather than essential oils and create a sense of calm by playing soft music and lighting candles.

Have him lie face down and start your male tantric massage at his head moving down the length of his body using varying strokes of speed and pressure. Spend time focusing on massaging his buttocks. Not many men are used to being touched here and with the dense muscle mass of this area, massaging them will relieve tension and send him in to a deeper relaxation.

When you are satisfied that you have done enough, ask him to turn back over again and position yourself either to his side or kneeling in front of his slightly bent opened legs.

Nude Male Massage

Begin to massage his inner thighs, pelvic bone and his perineum. As he starts to become aroused encourage him to slow his breathing by breathing in through his nose and slowly out through his mouth.

Slowly drip oil down the length of the lingam and on to the scrotum. Gently massage his testes in circular motions then give him a sensual lower massage by massaging the lingam around the head and the shaft. With your fingers wrapped around the head, use varying strokes to massage from the head to the base and back up again.

Remember that the point of the lingam massage is not to orgasm. Do not worry if the Lingam goes hard and then soft during your massage, this is actually the most desirable result. Hardness and softness are at opposite ends of the pleasure spectrum, which makes for a succession of pleasure peaks and troughs like riding a blissful wave.

If you think that he is going to ejaculate hold off and allow the lingam to go soft again. You can go back to massaging his inner thighs or other parts of his body before bringing your attention back to the lingam.

When he eventually ejaculates gently move your hands away then cover him to keep him warm. After such an intense experience, he will need to rest quietly for five to ten minutes.

The ultimate goal of Lingam Massage is to heal while connecting with your lover and the divine. With practice and time not only will it increase your man’s sexual pleasure it will also deepen your bond as lovers.

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Very nice description.

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