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According to Newsweek magazine, straight men are getting the equivalent of the Brazilian bikini wax. While some gay men have been waxing their genital area for years, it seems that heterosexual or metrosexual (as the case may be) men are paying about $100 to have waxists pour hot wax on their genital area, apply strips of cloth and then remove the hair all of it!. And no this isn't considered S & M, it's all in the name of vanity.

Apparently, the trend started among the young gay men of Greenwich Village and Chelsea in New York City, but has always been common among professional bodybuilders, swimmers and bicyclists.

But as women know all too well, waxing, especially in the bikini area, comes with certain problems including ingrown hairs and worse, wax burns. Are men really ready?

Our official guide to male massage:

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