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Shower before massage: Not only does a hot shower loosen up your muscles, it also makes for a more pleasant experience for your therapist as well. Looser muscles make the massage easier and who wouldn't take a freshly washed body over any other when you're in that close of contact?

Shower after massage: Many people take showers before and after their massage. Many massage professionals use oil which your skin might not absorb all of. A shower can remove any greasiness, residue and scent.

Believe it or not, 40% of men do not take a shower immediately prior or at the end of a massage. 20% of men take a shower before and after; 60% of men take a shower before or after.

Many masseurs allow for their clients to shower at their location. But often times it is not offered. It is recommended for clients to ask their masseur if a shower is available prior to scheduling the appointment. And then remember to remind the masseur once the massage as ended.

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