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The human body has a tremendous capacity to experience pleasure through its 5 senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and above all touch.

Touch is said to be food for our Souls, and the tactile experience is essential for the development of a happy and fulfilled human being. In fact, a huge part of our brain is dedicated to the sensory and tactile department. Lack of touch hardens us and makes us tense.

Touch is the primary sense we develop. For a newborn baby, touch is the first point of contact with a strange new world and the mother’s skin is where it finds warmth and comfort. It is through being touched with love that we establish our self-esteem and appreciation of our own bodies. These attitudes, developed early in our lives, play a large part in creating fulfilling love relationships. Also, later in our lives, we can discover the profound effects that the loving touch continues to have on all levels of our being. It touches us on the deepest level and relaxes us both physically and emotionally.

In the esoteric yogic tradition it is known that the Heart Chakra is connected to the sense of touch. This means that we can awaken our hearts simply by touching and being touched. Some of the superior human qualities like unconditional love, compassion and empathy will almost automatically become more present in our beings through practicing tantric massage. We are, of course, not talking about a superficial back rub, but the full experience where the entire body is included in the massage and covered with loving touches full of awareness. Including the entire body in the experience will not only create a very healing experience for both body and soul, but also awaken and open the heart chakra completely in a very conscious way.

If both lovers during the massage are completely open and relaxed their auras will blend exactly like when making love; thus we can call a tantric massage “Lovemaking at the level of the Soul”.

Loving touch within the tantric massage enriches the sensual and emotional aspects of our love relationships, and brings us a new and deeper level of intimacy, while we are helping each other relax and explore the realms of sensuality and eroticism.

The tantric massage is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and healing experience that awakens sensitivity and energy, increases the capacity to experience pleasure and creates a deep intimacy and closeness between the lovers that will reflect in all aspects of their relationship.

Women are generally more in “touch” with their overall sensuality than men and love to be shown through touch that they are appreciated in ways other than just their sensuality. Men tend to be more sexually focused in a physical relationship, but once they discover the delights of full body sensuality, they are converted.

Tantric massage is something worth studying but most of all practicing. More important than the techniques is the attitude and the loving attentiveness behind the touch.


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